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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why write on Mythology?

Somebody asked me the other day – “Why do you want to write on Mythology?” and I shot back by asking “Why not?” But then let me explain.

Mythology has been a part of our lives right from our childhood, especially in India. As children we are fed on stories of all the mythical heroes of Indian mythology and we grow up either idolising the characters or the slightly curious ones end up having more questions as they grow.

How can someone be born out of a sacrificial alter? How can someone not die for ages? How can someone move mountains, fly like a bird, fight like a warrior and romance like Casanova? All these and many more, besides the common ones like who am I and where did I come from?

As one grows older and is introduced to other literatures, one realises that there is more to mythology in other cultures too. English Literature is replete with references from Greek mythology and some of them have become part of daily usage. Statements like “a herculean task”, “the issue will open a Pandora’s box”, etc. are part of our parlance.

So what is it about mythology that has lent it continuity for ages? Some of the things we read are far from rational or rather quite anti-science – then what is it that has still got it going? Is there something more to it than the spoken or written word? Were the writers or the perpetrators of these myths trying to tell us something which might have some relevance? Or is it that these continue to be institutions of ideals in the present day of no-morals, no-hero times?

It is this underlying truth that I am trying to bring forth through this blog. I want to know, what is behind all this that is so logic-defying in today’s times, but still manages to hold us spell-bound. In these modern times, how are the epics still being so relevant and being told and retold in so many different ways? I hope to bring all this and more thru this blog.

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