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Monday, August 2, 2010

A lesser known myth related to Draupadi.

All of us know the popular myth that it was Lord Krishna who came to the rescue of Draupadi when she was being disrobed by Dushhasana, after she was lost in the dice game, by Yudhishtir. The famous vastra-haran scene of tons of sarees unfolding from Draupadi’s body, till Dushhasana giving up the effort, is etched in everybody’s mind.

However, there seems to be a very different version of this aid to Draupadi.

It is said that the unfolding of sarees was not an act of Lord Krishna, but it was due to a boon by Sage Durvasa (yes, the famous sage better known for his curses!).

The myth says that once Sage Durvasa was taking a bath in the Ganga and suddenly his loin-cloth slipped away due to the gush of the water. It went off, down-stream in full view of the people, which embarrassed the sage to no end. Draupadi who was having a bath upstream noticed it. She immediately tore a strip from her garment and let it reach the sage, who immediately grabbed the strip. This saved the day for sage Durvasa.

The sage then gave a boon to Draupadi that her garment would increase on her body in case she ever needs it. The boon came to her aid, when Dushhasana was disrobing her!

[This is according to Shiv Purana (III.19.63-66)]

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