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Friday, September 24, 2010

National Shame

Have you ever wondered why so much is happening around us, which is not of our doing but definitely for our suffering? Why are we being subject to international humiliation, by none other than our own people? Why are we witnessing instances of gross inability to deliver, crass corruption and shameless comments stinking of an organised cover-up?

Why is it that we simply see, hear, read but choose to move on?

It is because, from the time we are born, we are asked to compromise and accept. We are part of a mechanism, where we are taught through generations to suffer in silence and eulogise all who do so. We love the lady who does not protest and goes on to shed copious tears in privacy for the final moments (read seconds) of fame. We love and eulogise the Satyavati of Jai Santoshi Ma fame or Radha of Mother India and are taught to take them as epitomes of virtue. The virtue of silence, the virtue to hide our inadequacies from the glance of external eyes, is so ingrained in our collective psyche, that it is anathema to protest.

Today a bunch of jokers are out to shame us, our international reputations are at stake, our abilities to deliver is at question and all this laid on a large screen for one and all to see. Rhetoric and silly comments fill in the day, last minute mopping (of floors and brows) is on, and all we do is sit back and feel bad – but then what else can be do? After all God will punish the wrong-doers – isn’t this what mommy dear always said?

But no, God will not! Because He thinks that He has granted you enough knowledge and ability to do it yourself. He has given you enough insight into international standards, that you can today judge for yourself what your own capabilities are. He has given you enough self-respect, to stand up for yourself. He has enabled you with enough strength to slap the next person who equates his own pathetic standards of hygiene with yours, leave alone that of the foreigners, which today is no different for any human beings.

If the powers-that-be have decided to do a Dhritarashtra act and execute their responsibility by just issuing deadlines, we don’t have to follow suit by being Gandhari’s of the yester-world. Take up the cudgels and act.

Punish the menials who have been seated on the altars, who are doing only harm, and no good. Their coffers are full and they have no need to do anything else for generations to come, but you and I – the commoners still have to toil and we still have the burden of our raped self-respect to carry. We still have our spinal cords erect and can see any man on earth in his eyes without shame.

So wake up! Speak up! If not now, then when? If not at all, why?


  1. I am just disgusted with what all is going on with CWG and the least we can do is teach them a lesson in next elections. Oh by the way they have an easy way to rig the elections with the electronic voting machines and make us more miserable and useless.

  2. I do agree with you on these points.This is because calling them a bunch of jokers feels good after wathching them make comments which make your blood boil.Well still we arent doing anything to raise our voices and make them understand our anger towards them. mallica

  3. It is indeed true that it is a COMMON WEALTH GAME but the scope of common is very much restricted to the bunch of jokers and thughs. The sad part is they are openly JUSTIFYING THIS!!! more worrying is that, there is no one even ready to accept the mistake. Which means this can be repeated. I want to wait for the games to get over first and see how it take turns. Just for the sake of the spirit of the sportspersons.