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Saturday, May 14, 2011

David and Goliath - A Modern Interpretation

Today I am reminded of a Biblical story, the story of David and the Goliath. Let me summarize the story –

As per the story, the armies of Philistine and Israel had met for war. From the Philistine side a giant who was close to nine feet and massive, wearing a warrior’s armour, had terrified the Israelites, who were no match in size and the havoc that Goliath had unleashed on them. The Philistine army was simply basking in the glory of Goliath’s terror, while the Israel army was being annihilated.

One day, a teenager, reached the battlefield to get news of his brothers who were representing Israel army and was surprised to see the state of affairs. He met the King of Israel and convinced him to allow him to go to war. Much against the Kings wishes, he allowed the small and tiny David to go to the battle ground. David went to the battle ground in his ordinary shepherd skin and his slingshot, as the armours available were not of his size! On seeing him, Goliath was enraged and charged at him. Seeing a suitable hole in Goliath’s armour, David shot a stone from his slingshot at his head. The stone with its full impact hit Goliath in the centre of his forehead and Goliath fell on his face. Seeing the mighty giant sprawled on the ground, the army of Philistine ran helter-skelter and the battle was won by Israel.

I couldn’t but think of this story on this day when another David has vanquished a mighty Goliath! The victory of Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal polls, who is a David in every respect, is similar to that of the victory of David over Goliath. Just as David was no match for Goliath, Mamata too was a miniscule personality in front of the established Communist regime. Just as David did not wear any armour to battle, Mamata still does not wear the Politician’s attire – she is still seen donning a simple cotton saree and rubber slippers! The communists were no different from Goliath, in that they were overbearing, overconfident and striking terror in the hearts of one and all. The thirty-four years of misrule, mismanagement and lack of development, had made them a giant who could not turn around to see the changing direction of the wind, till it was too late. The mighty ruling party was surrounded by numerous cadres, like the army around Goliath, who were simply having a field time running small terror-outfits of their own all over the state, more so in the rural areas of Bengal.

The only difference, if any, is that it took David only one stone to flatten Goliath, but it too Mamata many years of dogged perseverance to remove the last remnants of a defunct ideology.

As a champion of Capitalism and Liberalism, I can’t help but celebrate the fall of the Red Goliath! I sincerely hope that the Karat’s and the Yechury’s of the world will do some introspection or better still, announce political retirement!

This is not an eulogy on Mamata Banerjee. It is praise to the act of pursuing a single objective doggedly over the last one and a half decades or so, with results for all of us to see. Will this poriborton change the face and reputation of West Bengal? Let’s wait and watch.

But till then - Mamta-pishi tomay janai shobuj shelaam! (A green salute to Mamata-aunty!)

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