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Monday, June 6, 2011

No liquor if you are below 25 years of age …

ü  But you can get married and produce children – i.e. take decisions on your family and issues related to the national population

ü  But you can vote – i.e. take decision as to who should run the government for the next five years (who when elected could tell you not to drink the same booze which they distributed to get where they are!)

ü  But you can start working and contributing to the national exchequer and also pay Income Tax to the same government who tells you to pay taxes but consume what they tell you to
Isn’t this ironic? The government the young adult elects is now telling him/her what to drink when – mild beer after 21, vodka, rum and whisky after 25! Isn’t this a classic case of moral policing of the medieval kind or is it the initial stage of moral talibanisation?
All this in the name of de-addiction policy!
Shouldn’t the great thinkers come up with a policy on –
·         De-addiction of corruption for the Politicians and Bureaucrats?
·         De-addiction of strikes for the governmental organization Air India?
·         De-addiction for the pathetic governance for the Government?
·         De-addiction of non-performance by the Municipal corporations?
Shouldn’t the great thinkers focus on shutting down the country-liquor production units? Shouldn’t they focus on shutting down bars and gutka shops near schools and educational institutes?  Shouldn’t they focus on educating the youth regarding the ills of drinking instead of banning the same?
With so much to do, what a way to waste the tax-payers (some of them being young adults) time and money?
Finally, may we ask the great thinkers of modern India, as to at what age did they start drinking?
Think of the plight of Mr. Mallya Jr. – liquor liquor everywhere, can’t take a sip! He can produce liquor, but can’t sip it for another year or so!!!

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