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Monday, September 19, 2011

A Poem

I have never taken contributions from anybody in my Blog till date.....
But this one I couldn't say no to....

Given below is a poem written by Mallica Patel, my 13 year old daughter; this has been written from the perspective of a man who is talking about his love......Read on........

I love thee do thy?

No, came the answer.
She left me alone standing under the sun
I ran and ran, but for miles my eyes could not savour her
My heart still throbbing with pain
I wanted to feel her presence one last time

But she had gone leaving me broken
My hands reached my coats pocket
Out came a ring, waiting to be worn.
But alas! The bearer had gone and so was my love

A tear trickled through my face which brightened up each time I saw her
My eyes were red, and heart full of sorrow
My ears craved to hear that giggle.
My hands for that Midas touch
My eyes for her lovely smile, which
was never going to come back
I wept for hours in my room, wondering  what went wrong?
Why did I lose her?

The next day, I saw, her  marriage procession from the doorway
She looked like the moon on the earth
Her glimpse was not cheerful  like before

I lay there the whole day,
But never opened my eyes again
I wanted not to see a world without my love

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