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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shastra Puja on Vijaya Dashami

Thanks to a political party and its usual eye-balls grabbing efforts, “shastra-puja” or weapons-worship on Vijaya Dashami day is being discussed. So what is “shastra-puja” and its relevance if any?

The origins of this can be seen in the epic Mahabharata. According to the epic, when the Pandavas lost in the game of dice with the Kauravas, their cousins, they were supposed to spend twelve years in exile and the thirteenth year was supposed to be in agyantvas – to be spent in total anonymity without being recognized. When the Pandavas entered into the thirteenth year, they hid their weapons in a Shami tree, before disguising and entering kingdom of King Virata. On the day of Vijaya Dashami, and also the end of their agyantvas, they retrieved their weapons from the Shami tree and performed a ritual worship of the weapons. They then, identified themselves as Pandavas and defeated the Kauravas who had attacked King Virata. Since then, it has been a practice for Kings to perform shastra-puja on the day of Vijaya Dashami – which is also the symbol of victory of good over evil.

CRPF Personnel performing
Over a period of time, this shastra-puja is undertaken by many who deal in weapons and also implements. People in Security agencies, army and other forces and even business men who have heavy plants and machineries perform the puja as a ritual.

How a political party benefits from “shastra-puja” can be anybody’s guess, except for a political gain. But thanks to some elements I get my topics to write!

Here’s wishing all my readers a very happy Dasshera & Vijaya Dashami!

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