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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

She is 16, going on 17...

Our bundle of joy
Came after much pain that night...
She didn't seem to be in a hurry to enter the world
She sure did make her mother wait
She sure did make her father bite all the nails of his fingers
She sure did make things a trifle tough for all waiting for her

But that was some 17 years back.

From crawling to walking
Time flew
From mumbling to speaking (& pretty fast at that)
Time flew
From asking to asserting
Time did fly
From holding my finger to directing me by my arm
Time did fly pretty fast
From tiny frocks to shorts
Time didn't wait for me to catch up
From shorts to shorts-skirts
She didn't give us time

And yesterday, she draped herself in the 6-yards 
Time – I said Wait
Wait, I don’t want her to grow so fast
Wait, the world is not good enough for her
Wait, I can’t be with her everywhere
Wait, she is growing young, but I ain't
Wait, she is just a little girl, she needs some time

I was nudged out of my reverie,
When an arm slid down my side and a voice said,
“Are you OK Dad, do you need some help?”

There was my little girl, nay, a lovely lady,
Looking resplendent in her long hair and tall frame
With wings ready to flap confidently
A smile that told me “Chill Dad!”
Her fingers arranging my upturned collar
“Look at you Dad, when will you grow up?”

And I just mumbled – 
I don’t want to grow up my dear
As that will add years to you.....

The last time she grew up, was My Guddi Moment 


  1. Very touching and beautifully written... Almost choked up! Reminds me of something that Enid Bagnold said somewhere, "A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman, he turns her back again!"

  2. Amazing one... she's lovely... all the best for her boards.. Mrunal.

  3. Read your blog after a long time again .... made me a fan all over again!!!