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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Go 2020 Go!

The year 2020 can undoubtedly be blamed on Covid. Everything that was wrong can be blamed on Covid. Needless to say, that all administrators of the world, were unprepared for this pandemic, there was no precedence in the recent past to leverage from, besides the virus constantly challenging our scientific progress. All in all, Covid, administration and the Chinese dietary habits can be blamed for whatever was wrong in 2020.

India, however, had its own long list of what was wrong with 2020. Along with Covid, there was an abundance of arrogance, apathy and delusion adding to the woes of the common people, the same people who vote and elect.

Arrogance of the administration to do whatever they deemed appropriate; bend rules whenever it suited them and not following their own rules made by them. Arrogance to assemble, congregate and meet despite lockdown. Arrogance to pass laws and bills at will, just to push a sectarian agenda.

Apathy towards those detained without trials, activists termed as terrorists, the migrants and later farmers. Our leaders traveled the nation inaugurating temples and complexes, addressing political rallies sparking trouble, despite near-lockdown situation, but couldn’t meet the agitating farmers round the corner.

Delusion, that nothing could shake their ivory tower, due to the absent opposition and the impossibility of the regional forces coming together, ever. Delusion, that rising prices, increasing unemployment and growing hatred towards communities will keep the common folk busy from seeing the looming dark clouds of economic-turbulence in the horizon. Delusion, that an unscientific temperament and pushing people towards religion and rituals will benefit the powers-that-be in the short run.

2021 is ushering a new year, a new decade, and like always the sun rises to give light and bring clarity. Covid is not going anytime soon, but the light can still be used to see....see through arrogance, apathy and delusion. Though the Nobel laureate’s name has been used quite glibly in recent times, I can’t but take recourse to his foresight and optimism, with sincere reverence (of course) –

Into ever-widening thought and action—

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.


The veil of deception will be lifted,

     and we will see.

The delusional run will end

     and we will see.

We will emerge from darkness

     and the world will see.


I wish you all a very true and worthwhile 2021!

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