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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why is Revolution not possible in Mumbai?

For quite some time people have been wondering, that in spite of some recent inspirations of revolt, why is it there is no such revolution in Mumbai. Is it that we don’t have reasons? Well we don’t have despots, but there is no dearth of reasons.

The pathetic roads, the three-wheeled menace called autos which don’t want to ply wherever the passenger wants to go, the apathetic government and its never moving machinery, terror-strikes and Rs. 9 lacs/day expense to keep the killer alive, student politics which tells us what to read and what not to in colleges, our moral keepers telling us which festivals to celebrate and which plays not to watch, etc. etc.

The above were just a few which fell off my head without having to rattle it. Coming back to why we can’t have such revolutions.

First we are too busy during the week-days. Breakfast, office, Boss and back home to another boss with travel thrown in between, who has the time? Week-ends, is for household work, men-in-the-kitchen-days, fitness, grocery, children’s skating classes, movie, mall, phew! who has the time again?

Then of course we have the famous ‘chalta-hai’ attitude of ours coupled with ‘what can only I do?’ feeling. Whatever happens to others will happen to me.
With the World Cup on, are you mad to waste time for such things? There is no religion bigger than cricket and after all the condition isn’t that bad, is it? Everything in life can wait.

Finally, and probably the main reason – lack of a Square in Mumbai. Cairo has Tahrir Square, Libya has Green Square and Bahrain has the Pearl Square. Mumbai has no square left, except that little tile on the floor! Have you ever thought that to revolt, just where are the people going to meet in Mumbai?

We have to revolt in blocks. One for the SoBo (South Mumbai), the other for the Western Line, probably in Bandra, then we will need one for Borivali too. I am sure we will not argue on the East vs. West as we aren’t that bad shirkers of responsibility! Then we need one in the Central Line and yet another in Navi Mumbai. Can you imagine a unified revolution in Mumbai at different locations, close to people’s residences or workplaces, to be conducted on week-days, with enough vada-pav and Frankie stalls thrown in?

That’s tough……and that’s why we cannot have a revolution in Mumbai, even though we need one very badly!!

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