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Saturday, July 16, 2011

1st Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of this Blog and I am feeling as proud as any father does when his child celebrates her first birthday! On this day I look back with nostalgia and pride. Nostalgia, because it seems like just yesterday when the word Blog was a techno-phrase for me and a touch-me-not subject for me. Pride, because I have said so much and on so many things and so many people have read it. To get statistical, my Blog has got close to 29,500 hits in the last 8 months (I got the Total Pageviews widget working after nearly four months of the launching of the Blog).
On this day, I feel like a celebrity, so let me make the most of my brief flirtation with self-imposed-stardom and true to my role, here’s my Thank-you speech –
y     I would like to say thanks to my wife who first suggested that I should write instead of ‘talk so much’ (that way she would have a choice to read or not!)

y    I would like to thank my friend who suggested that I should Blog, someone might notice my writing and give me an offer to write a book (No I did not fall for that, but I took it up nonetheless)

y     I would like to thank all those correspondents and editors who did not revert back to my suggestions for writing for them (I guess that’s why they are unknown editors and not well-known authors – they don’t know what is good writing!)

y     I want to thank my friend who forwards my articles to all his friends (I think he has the best taste in literature and should be the next editor of Times of India!)

y     I would like to thank all my friends and well-wishers for telling me I write well and should keep writing (but I wonder why they tell me not to write long pieces?!? Oh hell I don’t need to have all the answers; after all ignorance is bliss!)
Here’s saying a big thank you to all who read and commented and also to those who read but did not comment. If the Blog has added to your info-base, then I am happy.
So keep coming back and reading and send in your requests and suggestions.
Thank you all once again!!