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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The (un)Health(y) Minister

The Honourable (?) Health Minister says that man-to-man sex is unnatural. By this statement, he implies that man-to-woman sex is natural. I have the following questions for him –
?         Is forced man on woman sex natural (rape)?
?         Is marital sexual violence meted out by a man to a woman natural?
?         Is father raping his daughter natural?
?         Is an older man having sex with younger women (at times minors) 
?         Is one man having sex with many women (read harem) natural?
?         Is having unnatural sex by a man with a woman, natural?
The honourable minister would do good not to question one supposedly unnatural act, when hundreds of ‘natural’ acts need to be questioned!
I hope he doesn’t become a ‘gulam’ of popular notions and soon becomes ‘azad’ from ancient prejudices!

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