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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Shakuntala - The Woman Wronged.

My first book!!

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  1. Looking forward to reading your book. Have pre-ordered it. But was Shakuntala really a woman wronged. Shee seems to me an opportunist who misjudged the intentions of the king. This is obviously not in defence of what Dushyant did.

    I recall, perhaps I am not correct, that the story of Shakuntala appears in two different places in the Mahabharata differing slightly in detail. One is in Sambhava Parva LXIX onwards. If there is the other, can you please provide the location.

    All the best for your book.

    Regards Harsh

  2. Hi Harsh, I hope you like the book, but I am not sure I would call Shakuntala an opportunist. Yes the story does appear in the Sambhava Parv of Mahabharat. However, I will await your review of my book. Thanks.