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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tomorrow is the Municipal Elections in Mumbai

Tomorrow is the Municipal Elections in Mumbai
When you go to vote, remember the following –
1.   All the potholes on the roads which have given you inflated fuel bills and medical bills
2.   The waterlogging during the last couple of monsoons
3.   Choked drainage systems
4.   Garbage dumps on the streets and outside large complexes
5.   All the unchecked encroachments on the footpaths meant for us to walk
6.   All the violence unleashed on the migrants by the communal parties
7.   All the talk of ‘sons of the soil’ for fomenting tension and ill-will among the residents of Mumbai
8.   All the promises made by the political parties during the last elections
9.   All the extortions that you have read during the last tenure
10.                All the power being given to the Students wings of certain political parties to unleash more terror in the name of “student activism”
11.                The corruption and crimes that have been perpetrated by the powers-that-be
12.                All the infightings that we have witnessed
13.                All the mudslinging (and microphone-slinging) that we have witnessed
14.                All the defections that have happened after you had voted for a candidate
15.                Party members wasting our hard-earned money by
a.    Not attending to the designated work, &/or
b.    Wasting their time in the positions by resorting to illegal activities
16.                Who all lent support to the likes of Anna Hazare, and more importantly, WHY
17.                All who did not support the Lokpal Bill and all who were smartly double-faced
18.                More than Rs. 20,000 crores lying idle in the coffers of the Municipal Corporation, leading a pathetic infrstructure
Keep all this and more in mind when you decide on the candidate to vote for.
Go out and exercise your prime duty – go and vote. If you want to have your say and if you think you have a right to complain and demand, then first go and vote.
According to Times of India, in the year 2007, only 46% of Mumbaikars came out to vote and the result is visible to each one of us. If you do not vote, do not demand – anything………………..anything at all.
Vote for the right candidate
Vote for the clean candidate
More important – VOTE.

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