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Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Obituary

Yesterday was a day of significant loss – an immeasurable loss that no words can express or bring out the pathos that’s in my heart, due to the loss.

I was mercilessly separated from one that had been a part of me, from before the time I even knew myself. It had been with me thru thick and thin, thru all endeavours of my life. It had been with me, even before I could count on my wife and child as my immediate circle of influence.

The tragic part of it was that I could do nothing, but just see it being mercilessly snatched (literally) away from me by people who had nothing to do with it. People who had no clue what it meant to me, people who had no clue how close and dear it was to me. To top it all, I was a party to the decision of the merciless severance of a more than four decade old bonding, and could not even shed one tear, for the fear of being laughed at. On second thoughts, it was more because, I was numb (literally again) with the decision of doing what I was doing. Numb because of the gravity of the situation and numb due to the guilt of me being a party to the severance decision.

Not a single person there could feel my pain (literally once again) and the sense of loss. Not one there thought of the entity that I lost, not one was bothered about it, who was a part of me for so long.

Finally the infamous Mumbai spirit of “life must go on” got the better of me. One look at it, and I was ready to move on. One look of pain, the imminent separation, and the reality of it all, and I left my Dentist’s chamber, leaving my solitary Wisdom tooth to be picked up by the beautiful nurse (someone who was sweetly staring at me while I was going through the ordeal, helping me cope with the separation) to be dumped in the dustbin.

Today, I feel a trifle foolish – what with the loss of my wisdom (tooth)!

Adieu, my friend!