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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Team Anna has Lost

It is tough and sad to accept that Team Anna has lost the battle against corruption and those who beget it, but it is extremely important for all to accept that they have lost.
Team Anna
Introspection is always important after an event, more so if it is a failure.

  • They lost because the Gandhian philosophy of peaceful protest has lost its significance
  • They lost because the modern Indian has a short attention span and thus could not sustain focus on the movement for too long
  • They lost because people like you and me got busy with our personal duties as against our national responsibility
  • They lost because what seemed like a movement with a great tag-line did not 'seem' that interesting when seen from close quarters
  • They lost because the politicians managed to create a good illusion of chinks in the armour of Team Anna, where there were none
  • They lost because sections of this untrustworthy ilk who had promised support, decided to withdraw it when they realized that the political mileage they wanted had been achieved
  • They lost when they saw that there was a greater movement coming from the Parliament as a response to a small (maybe irresponsible) comment by a member of Team Anna, irrespective of the fact that such comments and worse have been uttered by every thinking citizen of India everyday and Bollywood has been spewing such venom on screen since ages
  • They lost when their single-minded focus got diluted for the occasional controversies that the members of Team Anna were embroiled in as a part of a well-orchestrated strategy by the politicians
  • They lost when irrelevant issues took centre-stage against important issues
  • They lost when all and sundry wanted to be a part of the movement and Team Anna welcomed all (even who did not deserve) with open arms

Please re-read all the above by replacing ‘They lost’ with ‘We lost’, because that’s what it is.

Team Anna has not lost; it is we who have lost a great opportunity to do a world of good to ourselves. 

  • We lost the chance to improve the condition of our own selves and our next generation
  • We lost our face in front of the next generation, who will ask us tomorrow as to what kind of irreparable India have we left for them?
  • We lost the chance to call ourselves, part of a matured democracy
  • We lost the last chance of raising our head high with pride in the global world
  • We lost……

I can go on…..but then you too need to think, right?

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