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Thursday, January 24, 2013

My ‘Guddi’ Moment

All who have seen the 1971 Hindi movie, Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s “Guddi" would understand what I am going to say. The scene where a school-girl Jaya Bhaduri (as she was known then) in her frocks goes inside a room and emerges out of it wearing a red silk saree, leaving everybody awestruck, was replayed at my home yesterday.

My daughter became a young lady yesterday, when she wore a saree for her school farewell. I can’t remember when my small girl who would hold my hand while crossing the road and look up to me, started staring at me at the same level (an inch taller than me I suppose, in her high heeled shoes!) slipping her arm in my arm, grew up to look absolutely stunning. Is this the same bundle of joy that I brought home from the hospital some fifteen years back? Is this the same chubby kid who would giggle at every gimmick of mine? Is this the same girl who would be uncomfortable in the squeak-when-you-walk shoe, walking confidently in the new heeled shoe?

First day to School - 2002
Last day in School - 2013

Just when did this metamorphosis happen? 

In the three-hour movie I could see it happen with Jaya Bhaduri, but how did I miss it for my daughter? When did she stop wearing lacy frocks and jump into jeans and now a saree? When did Enid Blyton’s Noddy give way to Harry Potter? When did Cartoon Network get replaced by the soaps of Star World? When did small shoes give way to high-heeled shoes? When did giggles on silly gimmicks give way to ‘grow-up-Dad’ looks? Life sure has been fast!

For the moment, I was speechless, and for the rest of the evening, I was worried. How could I let her alone in this big bad world? The small girl has grown up and will soon be ready to fly – will the world be as caring as the confines of my home? Will she find the care and comfort that I have provided her till date? 

But let’s leave the worries for another day and savour the moment, that for want of a better word I call – my Guddi moment!

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