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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are Marriages made in Heaven?

Marriages they say are made in heaven, may be, I have no clue, since I haven’t been to heaven as yet and am in no hurry to do so, either. For that matter, I don’t know anybody, who has gone to heaven or would be! Do you?

But on this day, I have a very basic question to ask, to people who come out with such sayings, and end up making mountains out of pimples. Why heaven? Let me analyse some great couples whose marriages are definitely subject of the heavens. How many of we mere mortals would like to exchange places with these great couples?

Ram & Sita from Epic Ramayan
A marriage which was definitely destined to take place and such a godly couple was never to be seen. A wife like Sita and a husband like Ram, who was the maryada purushottam – a man amongst men! The marriage began well, till things came to a state of exile ending with the kidnapping of Sita, followed by a battle. Such a heavenly wedding was rocked by palace intrigues and the taunts of laymen, ending up with the banishment of Sita during her pregnancy. She then gives birth to twins and continues to battle the hardships of a single mother in the jungle, till she manages to reunite her children with Ram, but ends up giving up her life. Anybody willing to exchange this marriage with theirs? Not me – not beyond the kidnapping, for sure!

Shiva & Parvati from Hindu Mythology
Shiva, a loner, an ascetic and living a Bohemian lifestyle; Parvati a princess, in love with Shiva, and willing to go to any extent to appease him. Parvati after a lot of penance manages to convince Shiva and the two get married. The wedding procession of Shiva had, all sorts of ghosts, goblins and creatures, with the groom on a bull! It is said that Parvati’s mother had fainted on seeing the wedding procession, but that’s not important. Also, the wedding attire of each member of the procession – a subject that is best not delved in, is also I guess not important! The groom stays on a mountain top. If all this is not enough, Shiva is known for his famous anger which burns up everything and makes the world tremble under his feet. Supposedly, the only husband whose anger surpasses that of his wife, but that is a different matter! Any takers for such a married life? Let’s move on!

Zeus & Hera from Greek Mythology
Zeus and Hera, the two chief deities of the Greek pantheon. Zeus, known for his affairs, with goddesses, nymphs and mortals and Hera known for her jealousy, and her vindictiveness. All through his life, Zeus keeps his affairs on and Hera chases him and his partners everywhere, with his partners bearing the brunt of her ire. Any takers for such a married life? Well to begin with, I do envy Zeus and his ability, virility, but wouldn’t it be better with a bit of a less nagging wife than Hera? Food for thought!

Vishnu & Lakshmi from Hindu Mythology
My last couple, considered to be the best of all, a life of fun, glamour and colour. Vishnu, the man amongst all, with an ability to do all that gods are well known for – has it all. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, one who grants prosperity. Great wife to have. But all the myths suggest that the two seldom spend time together. Vishnu is busy taking different avatars on earth, chasing demons, and the chanchal Lakshmi left alone quite often, keeps moving all over the place (this place is quite huge) like a butterfly! Both happy and seldom complaining. I think the lack of proximity is the key to the success of this marriage! As they say, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

Having analysed all the four marriages, I must say, I am happy my marriage was not made in heaven, but on earth, and like earth, my marriage has its mountains and valleys and sometimes deep drowning oceans too!

I don’t want a wife like –
  • Sita, who suffers in silence, because I am used to a lot of shout-back by now!
  • Parvati, even though she never complains – that’s too much of a luxury for a mere mortal like me!
  • Hera, as she is too much of a nagging and suspicious woman.
  • I wouldn’t mind a wife like Lakshmi who is the embodiment of wealth, but on second thoughts, I don’t want a wife who is so ‘chanchal’, and keeps flying away like a butterfly!

I am happy and content with what I have, besides the fact that I love status-quo! I do agree with the fact that change is good, but only if I was Zeus! But since that might not happen in the 21st century,

  • let me trust my wife and be by her side, especially when she needs me the most, unlike Ram;
  • let me remain worldly and control my temper (do I have a choice?), unlike Shiva;
  • let me be true to her unlike Zeus, &
  • let me always be with my wife, unlike Vishnu!

Who cares where my marriage was made – I feel on top of the world today!

Happy Anniversary – my dear wife!


  1. Thank GOD, I am married to Utkarsh. Same to you dear.

  2. As far as my marriage is concern, when my wife is happy, it looks like our marriage is made in heaven and when she is upset/angry, it seems our marriage is made in hell.

    I came up with few one-liners:

    (1) Successful marriages are process of ages

    (2) The marraige is a life long cage

  3. very impressed with the public declaration - you certainly have evolved and i am truly happy for you both. Belated anniversary wishes and god bless you both. enjoy your marriage on earth!