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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


A recent corporate honcho has built himself a modern-day citadel, christened, Atlantis. So what is with the name and where does it come from?

According to some writings of Plato, Greek philosopher, Atlantis was a mythical country in the middle of the modern day Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis comprised of intelligent people and was mineral rich country, of the size of a continent, which had it all – fame, wealth, and the wherewithal of a dream nation. They were supposed to be advanced in their agricultural processes, whereby, they had two harvests a year, as against one, in later times.

According to a myth, Poseidon, the God of Oceans, fell in love with a mortal, Cleito, who bore him sons (five sets of twins), and the eldest of them, Atlas, was the king of Atlantis. Atlantis rose in its stature till it followed the rules laid down by their ruling deity, Poseidon. But soon, the kings started living by their own rules and the success of the nation’s health had started to yield fruits of corruption. People were becoming greedy and corrupt by the day. All this angered the gods at Mount Olympus, headed by Zeus. Zeus and his gods decided to teach them a lesson, and sent in series of calamities, in the form of a volcanic eruption and huge tidal waves, to submerge the whole nation of Atlantis.

Atlantis is referred to as the forgotten civilisation and also stands for all things that began well, but was destined to be doomed, due to pride and corruption. This incident or the myth has led to many an expedition to find the remnants of the lost city, in the Atlantic, even today.

It is not known if Plato really believed in the myth or wove a tale as a lesson for the people, but it has a long lasting impression on people of Greece. Many scholars feel that Plato was painting an idea of an Ideal state and what happens when falls from grace due to slipping ideals.

With such a background of Atlantis, I wonder which aspect of Atlantis was behind the naming of a residence. I would think it must be the dream nation and its prosperity that it once stood for. What else?


  1. hey, great idea to have this blog. some say that a similar tale is told about dwarka in india, the city that sank under the burden of its sins...

  2. Thanks Arundhuti! That's an apt comparison!